Spring 2014 Nail Colors

Pastels are the major thing this season, so put away your vampy polishes aside to make way for everything from pale blues to lilacs. Wear these colors all season long and into summer too!


We like to think of white as the new go-to neutral. From super opaque and semi-sheer to shimmer, you’ll find a flattering white no matter your skin tone.



While these won’t necessarily become a lifelong staple in your polish wardrobe, we’re kinda into the somewhere-between-mustard-and green color right now. If you’re completely averse to pure pastels, this is a fun hue to experiment with.


They’re pretty much always in style, won’t clash with anything else you’re wearing (makeup, bag, outfit), and when they chip, it’s not so noticeable.


Coral polishes will always be a favorite during warmer weather, but this season, we’re gravitating toward soft melons. They don’t feel as in your face as full-blown corals, and because there’s such a range you get to decide how much you want the color to pop.melonsSeafoam Greens

If you’re tired of mint but don’t want to wear rich, emerald polish anymore, let seafoam green be your new go-to. While it’s similar to mint, there’s more of a blue undertone which gives it a bit of an unexpected twist.

seafoam greensPale Blues

When blues are really muted, they’re similar to whites in that they become almost neutral. The right pale blue goes with just about anything, yet makes your nails really pop. If full-on white feels too stark, this is your next best thing.

pale bluesPastel Pinks

There’s something so refreshing and delicate about how the shade looks on nails—perfect for welcoming the warmth!

pastels pinksLilacs

Polishes with a dusty-grey undertone are tops this season, and these picks get that just right. They’re kinda the perfect compromise between grey and purple, which puts them into neutral territory.

lilacsSoft Yellows

If you’ve been wanting to try a yellow but haven’t been able to find one that suits you, these may do the trick. The buttery pale quality tones down the showiness of a lemon yellow, but still gives your nails a nice subtle burst of color.

soft yellows

Hope you enjoyed these color tips.

XOXO Mod girl Arlene!!

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