How to Fix Your Broken Powder!

It’s all happened to us before when we’re rushing to do our makeup and suddenly our powder drops from what was once a smooth powder to unpractical little pieces. We instantly think to throw it away, but  mod girls there is a way to recover your beloved cover up and this can work for your eyeshadow or blush powder as well!


1) Cover the compact with the plastic wrap and make sure it adheres tightly to contain everything.
2) With your spatula, crush up the entire shadow, not just the broken pieces. You need to turn the pressed powder back into loose powder.
3) Remove the wrap and add at least 10 droppers full of alcohol. You can add a few droppers full at a time to see how much you need.
4) The powder has become sponge-like and very pliable now , giving you the perfect opportunity to even it out smoothly with your spatula
5) Use your eyeliner brush to smooth it out even further. Give it a few hours to completely dry.

Good luck ladies!!

Xoxo Mod girl Arlene 🙂

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