Makeup Tips For Wearing Glasses

1. Focus on the Eyes
You may think that because glasses draw attention to your eyes, you don’t need eye makeup, but it’s actually the opposite. Play up your eyes even more than normal, to make the most of the eye-framing effect your glasses have. Go for the bold cat eye and perfect your eye shadow application.

2. Perfect Your Brows
Depending on the style of your frames, glasses can also put your brows on display, so be sure to give them a little extra attention. Tweeze, wax, or fill them into the form the best flatters you facial structure.

3. Conceal
Glasses cast a shadow, so it’s important to cover under eye circles with a non-creasing concealer. It helps make you look younger as well.

4. Ditch the Indents
If your glasses leave you with indents and marks in your foundation, swap out your liquid foundation for a mineral powder option like BareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation. The lightweight of the foundation helps avoid indents.

XOXO Mod Girl Arlene!

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