Tuck & Cover Gatsby Style!

This look is super easy to do and all you need is a really fun headband. Super cute for a date night or an outing with the girls! Xoxo Mod Girl Sara!

gatsby hairstyle headband

Follow these quick steps to achieve the style:

1 / Place the headband over the head, lining the front up with your hairline.

2 / Grab the hair directly in front of your right ear and wrap it around the band so the ends hang back down again.

3 / Combine this with the hair directly next to it and wrap it around the band again as in step 2.

4 / Now, take the next section of hair, bringing it up towards the band but instead of tucking it in simply hold it over the band.

5 / Then, take the remaining hair and push it all up towards the band forming a clump or ball shape.

6 / Push the hair down so it tucks into the band but the ends remain sticking out.

7 / Pull down a few pieces on the side so it has a more asymmetrical feel and covers the left ear.

8 / Gently pull the hair on top to loosen it slightly.

Done! Now you can wear the Tuck and Cover Great Gatsby style with that 1920′s flair!

Source: MissySue.com

tuck-and-cover-gatsby-style how to

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