Fun Summer Braid!


• Goody Hair Elastics
• Comb
• Clear elastics
• Hair Clips (optional to manage hair while braiding)
• Mirror


1. With a comb, create a side part for a more dramatic braided headband.

2. Take a small chuck of hair towards the front of head, near the part. Separate into 3 equal sections.

3. Braid once.

4. Then, near the forehead grab another small section of hair.

5. Take the small section of hair and combine it with the right section of hair from Step 3, and braid once. This creates the first French braid of the headband.

6. Continue French braiding around your head, until it nears your ear. Then, finish off with a regular braid for the remainder of the hair. Hold the end of this braid with a small clear elastic.

7. For the rest of the unbraided hair, I created a fishtail. First, separate the hair into two equal sections.

8. Grab a small amount of hair from the left section and bring over to the right section.

9. Grab a small amount of hair from the right section and bring it over to the left section. This creates the first fishtail braid. After the first fishtail braid, incorporate the braid from Step 6 into your right section of hair so it seamlessly blends into your fishtail braid. You can remove the clear elastic band from that braid when it is evenly incorporated.

10. Continue the fishtail braid throughout the rest of your hair, and tie with a Goody hair elastic. I chose pink for a pop of color!

XOXO Mod Girl Arlene!

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