How to wear a Scarf in Summer!

We hear this all the time “Oh I can’t wear scarves in the summer. It’s too hot!” However that’s wrong. Scarves are much more than a winter accessory they are a year-round necessity! Remember, summer apparels are meant to be breezy, bright and cheerful, so considering these key words should give you the ultimate scarf to rock this summer! Xoxo Mod Girl Sara!

summer scarf

  • Don’t sweat the big stuff you’ll want your scarf thin for better ventilation. The lighter, the better.

summer scarf 2

  • Pay attention to the fabric. Cotton, for example, is an affordable cool fabric. Linens are also relatively cheap and the loose weaves allow your skin to breath. Want a more luxurious touch? Go for silk scarves, which are elegant and soft, but sometimes quite pricey.
  • Certain colors bring out the fullness of summer, and the right combinations can make those shiny days last. Bright colors like orange pink and yellow are radiant and perky; while teal, emerald green and turquoise are very in this season.
  • Patterned scarves are timeless. A great oldie that hasn’t died off is the ol’ polka dot simple, fun and diverse enough to impress granny. Tropical designs can be stylish too. A bonus is that you don’t need to be stick-thin to wear big, bold scarves quite the contrary. Printed designs will turn eyes to your scarf rather than your silhouette.
  • Take into account the numerous styles scarves come in. Whether they’re knitted, woven, glittered or crocheted, don’t feel reduced to only wearing plain old boring scarves. In fact, a textured scarf can update your whole look in seconds, leaving your hair, makeup or shoes to second place.
  • Think outside the neck. Scarves can be used to cover bathing suits, as a belt or even as an accessory for your bag. If you’re still set on wearing it around your neck, then look for smart ways of tying a fancy knot like a shoulder buster tie, resembling a sailor’s neckerchief, which is a much simpler way of showing off your scarf.

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  1. I love wearing scarf all year around; it’s a kind of must have accessory for me. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

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