How to wear a “Boxy Dress”

boxy drss

boxy dress

Length: Boxy dresses should be as short as possible around knee length or above. The legs will be the key players here, and when I say legs, I also mean shoes. Wear those heels, ladies, and don’t think twice about wearing the crazy-high ones either.

Bust: Ideally, the dress should skim the bust just sort of to show it exists.

Layering/Belts: A fitted cardigan will immediately give shape to a boxy dress, as will a belt. Just not when it’s 100 degrees out.

Jewelry: Add a long necklace or statement necklace to pull together the dress!

Boxy Dresses can be cute to with the right accessories not all dressed have to be fitted.

Remember Accessories make an Outfit !

Xoxo Mod Girl Sara !

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