Makeup Tips For Different Face Structures

Ovalhairstyles for celebrities face shapes 2012

Oval faces are perfectly symmetrical. For makeup, all an oval face needs is a bronzer in a “3”shape from the forehead to cheekbones and then to the chin in order to accentuate the ideal features that the face already has.

Arched brows can give a more oval shape. So follow natural shape of brow bones and tweeze that way.Concentrate on any one feature either eyes or lips keeping the other simple .



Round face has equal length and width. Contouring is very important for this face shape to crate length. A bronzer can work as a contour when applied to the temples and beneath the jaw line. Also highlight the forehead, area under the eyes and the chin to draw attention to the center of your face.

A blush can be applied just beneath the cheekbones in order to give them definition, or apply it directly to the apples of the cheeks to accentuate their perfect shape. Apply the blush in upward strokes to give a slimming effect. Bright colors only accentuate the roundness of the face.


heart face face makeup look

Heart shape faces possess prominent cheekbones so accentuate them by wearing  a brighter blush and lipstick paired with a neutral eye color.

Contour at the temples and cheeks to diminish the width of the upper face. Also, highlight the forehead, area under the eyes and the chin to draw attention to the center of the face.

Heart shaped faces look great with a red or berry lip color and light blush as it takes the attention away from the strong cheekbones. Use a strong black or brown liner and a white or beige eye shadow palette.


makeup tips for oblong faces

Oblong  a.k.a long face gives you plenty of surface area to play with makeup. The face has length but lacks the required width. So contouring across the lower section of the chin helps to shorten the face length. Blush should be applied to the apples of the cheek to widen your face. A neutral palette works best for this face shape.

Make your eye lashes look bigger and more dramatic by using double curling (before and after use of mascara) or you may even experiment with darker false lashes.
Try to keep lips minimum and rosy pink, they look the best and wide, to make face appear fuller.



Use makeup to brighten the center of your face. A lighter liquid foundation or highlighting powder will help you achieve this effect with ease. Apply it to the forehead, bridge of the nose and center of the chin to draw attention to the center part of the face.

Using a bronzing powder or slightly darker foundation, contour the peak of the forehead, tip of the chin and underside of the cheekbones for minimizing the width and giving the face a more proportionate look. Sweep the top of nose bone with a bronzer.



Square face has very strong features so the attention should be towards softening the features using rounded strokes. Contouring the jawbone and blending it upwards towards the ear will help reduce the sharpness of the jawline.

Apply blush in a rounded shape on the apples of the cheeks and make sure that you sweep the makeup brush upward towards the temples to create a more symmetrical shape.

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