Top 10 Beach Bag Necessities

the essentials

1. Always have sunscreen with you to protect your skin! Also, lip balm that contains some SPF amount.

2. A bright and cute beach towel to lay out in the sun and to dry off with.

3. A stylish cover-up for when you want to walk around a bit and not show everything off.

4. Flip flops because they dry fast when you get them wet. My faves are Roxy brand.

5.  Trendy shades to help protect your eyes from the bright sun rays.

6. Water is the most important beverage to bring so you don’t dehydrate. Drink lots throughout the day!

7.  A wide brimmed hat to keep your head and face shady cool.

8. A camera to capture all the fun memories. Keep in a Ziploc bag  as well as cell phone just in case water spills or sunscreen lotion gets all over inside your bag.

9. Snacks like fresh fruit or trail mixes to keep you full and happy.

10.  Bring  your iPod to listen to your favorite tunes or a volleyball to get a workout while having fun!

XOXO Mod Girl Arlene!!

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