Get Longer Looking Legs

We all want longer looking legs and some of you lucky ladies already have the super long, model looking legs that lots of us dream of, but for those of us who aren’t naturally blessed with long stems, do not lose hope. Here are some tips on how to make yourself look like you have leaner legs!

Nude pumps definitely make your legs look long n lean.... every woman should invest


It’s probably the most obvious, but wearing a heel will always elongate your legs. They don’t have to be six inch heels because a two or three inch lift will give your legs a longer and leaner look. AVOID ankle straps though because they will do the opposite affect since they cut off at the ankle.

Who made Kim Kardashian’s black whide leg pants, boots, nude handbag, and long sleeve top that she wore in New York on September 20, 2011? Shirt – Proenza Schouler  Shoes – Yves Saint Laurent  Purse – Hermes  Pants – Chloe  Belt – Stella McCartney


If you’re looking to elongate your legs you should lean toward neutral shoes that match your skin tone. It’ll make your heels disappear into your legs, thus making your legs look longer. You can also create this illusion by matching your shoes to the color of your pants.

Nude heels give the appearance of long legs  and are a must have shoe.


When trying to get the look of longer legs, choose high-waisted skirts or high-rise jeans. These styles create a higher looking waist giving the illusion of longer looking legs.

Photo: Selena Gomez long legs and hot outfit

One Color

Wearing an outfit that’s all one color will extend your entire silhouette and the darker the outfit, the longer your legs will look.

To create the illusion of long sexy legs, just draw a straight line down shins, using a lightweight body gel!

Bronze Up

A little extra glow is always good on the body. Whether it’s rubbing on a bit of highlighter or using a self-tanner, if your legs have that bronzed finish they’ll immediately look longer.

XOXO Mod Girl Arlene!!

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