Wearing a Pencil Skirt!

A pencil skirt is quite versatile – and with the right accessories and styling, you can easily transform it from a plain librarian look into something more chic and fun. What I really love about this type of skirt is that it’s flexible enough to team up with most types of tops and shoes.

kim k pencil skit crop top

You can dress it up for work or parties, or dress it down for casual everyday wear. Just put on your sophisticated dress shirt at daytime and take it off and put on a slouchy tee or crop top and you’re good to go to the movies or happy hour later that evening! You can also wear it with a basic tank top and a long cardigan for a cool and casual look.

TIP: Mini skirts are also a fabulous way to show off your legs, hosiery, shoes and look sexy, but please, wear a skirt that is no shorter than your middle finger when standing straight with your arms to your sides!!

pencil skirt tucked in

Tucking it in:

  • Adds a more sophisticated (looks cuter, in my opinion) touch to your look
  • Elongates your legs if they’re short
  • Creates a trimmer looking waist

The drawback is that it can chop up your torso, making your waist look shorter (not good if you already have a short waist) and make you look stumpy, especially if you’re Petite.

But you can still tuck it in without shortening your torso by wearing a top in a similar color as the skirt. Eg. Black skirt, dark blue top. Or white skirt with a light yellow blouse.


        If you want to conceal your tummy, look for skirts with a wide waistband to help tuck in a larger part of your stomach.
        If you wear the top untucked, it will give a completely different feel to your skirt outfit.

Keeping it untucked:

        • Creates a more relaxed and fun look
        • Elongates your torso

        Leaving the top untucked is more fail-safe than tucking it in, because usually, people look at tucking as a fashion statement.


            If you’re wearing a slightly loose top the outfit might lose definition. So to look more pulled together, define your waist with a skinny belt either around your hips or your waist depending on what looks good on your body frame. Continue reading for more tips on how to belt it.
            But you don’t have to limit yourself to classy and dressy outfits. By adding the right accessories and mixing it with the right top, you can turn it into a sassy and trendy outfit.
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