Styling a Bubble Skirt !

If you’re not a girly girl, the title of this post may be a bit of a turn-off for you. But stay with me! There’s a huge difference between being feminine and being a girly girl. Every woman likes to feel pretty. It’s in our nature ladies. Maybe we feel pretty at different times, in different situations, and wearing different things. But you love feeling pretty. Don’t lie, who doesnt? Puffy Bell & Bubble skirts are cute and nice to incorporate in the wardrobe but it has to be styled nicely and in a more “grown up” manner so it wouldn’t look too juvenile.

bubble skirt

What I love bell skirts and bubble skirts, it’s because of the fact that they are equally necessary and for those who have large hips, and those who can not boast curves and have flat bottom. Such skirts will add volume to the bottom for ones, while for others skirts will help to hide the excess volume. The main thing in creating proper outfit, as we know, is to balance the look. If you have high growth, choose the knee length of the skirt or lower, and if you are short, then on the contrary, prefer short silhouettes over the knee. However, if you are short in stature and possess extra weight, you had better give up the bell and bubble silhouettes and turn to more straight vertical forms to make the silhouette visually slimmer and taller.

Because these styles are versatile enough, top, which will be worn with a skirt, should depend on the total style of the look. These can be T-shirts, blouses, blazers, jackets and cardigans. The main thing they should match the selected style and color, as well as with the features of your body shape – do not wear tight-fitting top, then your bottom will look much more bigger. However, the clothing with strict cut and unadorned will hide large shapes of your shoulders or breast. Ballet flats and high heeled shoes are absolutely suited with bell and bubble skirts. Xoxo Mod Girl Sara !

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  1. Love the look. Great post!

  2. Love the look! might try a bubble look aswell 🙂

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