Hair tutorial: The Braid-hawk!

selena gomez braid mohawk

It all starts with an inside-out French braid, which I learned is called a Dutch braid.What’s really nice about most braid-based styles is that they in fact work and look better if your hair is a little bit grungy. The braid-hawk I do, in particular, is really awesome if my hair is a day  or two old and even maybe getting a little *gasp* greasy at the roots because you get more definition in the braid due to less slipperiness and fewer flyaways. If you are working with freshly-washed hair, I recommend working some product into the hair you’ll be braiding; often I spray the area with hair spray and comb it dry. Then the hair is not crunchy but it still has some “stuff” on it to help it from slipping out of place the way fresh, squeaky hair does.

The main key here is to braid tightly against your head so that you get clean edges on your braid, keep your strands as even as possible as you add more hair to them, and don’t over-tug your braid. This will create optimal symmetry when the braid-hawk is done. If you over-tug your braid, particularly if you have bangs or are in the midst of growing them out, you will dislodge those shorter strands of hair, they’ll make the rest of the braid look uneven, and in general it won’t look nice. Generally speaking, the longer your front section of hair, the higher you can try to tug. Often, you’ll need to take it out and start over, especially if you’re just learning. But once you have the technique down pat, the braid-hawk pony should take less than five minutes!

1. Tease the front section of your hair, and clip it up out of the way
2. Smooth the sides of your hair and pin to the center.
3. Unclip the front section and pin in in place to form a tall bouffant.
4. Add clip in extensions to the pony tail part of the Mohawk if needed. Secure those with bobbies.
5. Start braiding the Mohawk section in a three-strand braid. Pull out the braid as you go along to create the loops. Pin as you go, and continue braiding the Mohawk section. Repeat until you get to the base of the neck, then tie it off with a tie. Spray the entire style with texturizing spray, and use your fingers to make the braidlook a bit undone.

For Video Tutorial click here! 

Note: French and Dutch braiding, by the way, is an AWESOME way to deal with bangs, whether you just want them off your face for a day or you, like me, are growing out your bangs.

Xoxo Mod Girl Sara !

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