Tips: Over Sized Sweater

Let me first start off by saying my favorite winter outfits are over sized sweaters and leggings! Why? You  can stay comfy chic and warm. Now my Number 1 tip ALWAYS play with accessories it’ll really put your outfit together! Enjoy these styling tips!          Xoxo Mod Girl Sara

over sized sweater w necklace

  • One oversized piece per outfit: If you’re wearing an over sized scarf or cowl, everything else should be relatively fitted. If you’re wearing enormous wideleg pants, make sure your top is tailored. If you’re swimming in a huge sweater, pair it with leggings. Create balance for your oversized garment with slim-fitting ones, or you’ll just look big all over.
  • OK, OK, you can do more than one: If you simply adore supersized items, you CAN push the envelope and do multiples. But make sure that your actual body shape is visually represented somehow. If you’re doing a huge cowl and huge pants, wear a tight shirt. A loose tunic and enormous platform boots will look best with skinny jeans or leggings. This applies to all body shapes and sizes!
  • Let the big item be the centerpiece: But Accessorize your outfits when you sport oversized garments. Wear Scarfs or Statement necklaces or a belt!
  • Explore various styles of oversized garments: For example if you’re petite, looking as tall as possible may be your priority and going boxy could be perfect. There are many, many styles of oversized clothing and some of them may look indescribably horrendous on you. So experiment a little, and be patient.
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